I have gained experience in the USA, Europe, UAE, India, Pakistan and other countries.



1997 – present

CEO (managing partner)
TBA GmbH (Technical & Biological Applications)
Waste broker for industrial waste and consulter for waste producers and waste treatment companies.

FB Consulting & Trade

1997 – present

owner manager
Frank Bargmann Consulting
Waste management, international marketing and sales buildup, know how about the combination of the right strategy and the targeted implementation with practical experience of many years.

historic Petrol exihibitions

2005 – present

owner manager
“Petrol Exhibitions International”
A vast collection of gas station exhibits beginning with the year 1900. It is the most diversified exhibition which is possible to be rented. vision: The world-wide largest historical filling station exhibition! Complementary, if desired with a classic car museum and shop.


2006 – 2016

project manager
UTM Umwelt-Technik-Metallrecycling GmbH
UTM Umwelt-Technik-Metallrecycling offers solutions for: - salvage of damaged and dangerous pressure vessels and gas cylinders - recycling of old acetylene gas cylinders - disposal of dangerous residual gases on pressure vessels - transport containers for mercury and for many more environmental safety matters.

HotWheelz Germany

2011 – 2016

owner manager/CEO
Dragracing event-series in Northern Germany. Dragracing, Driftshow and US-Custom Cars combined with the spectacular view of an airport, as one of the biggest events in Hildesheim, Husum and Schwesing in Germany.

WMS Group

2007 – 2016

sales representative/agent
for WMS Technology Group WMS compact sorters are multi-purpose applicable in the field of secondary raw material recycling. Metal sorting from blend of alloys and non-ferrous materials. Demolition wood, light-, heavy- and mixed shredding fractions, Metal sorting from incineration bottom ash, metallurgical slags and mining residues, sorting of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)


2011 – 2016

owner manager/CEO
Development and sales of textile products for special uses.

Topfleisch AG

2011 – 2017

Member of the Supervisory Board
Beef, roast beef, sirloin or hip of beef whether from Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay-with outstanding quality for best prices


Knowledge and also Networking is Power, and I truly believe that the sharing of information, resources, and skills will help others to help themselves.
I know it won’t put me out of a job – there are always new problems and challenges.

We work with new customers and let their company grow.

If my client is satisfied I am happy.



  • managing director of diverse companies
  • certified engineer specialised in environmental protection engineering
  • plant superintendent
  • project manager
  • sales director
  • sales representative international

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