Frank Bargmann


Since 1990 I  provide my clients with internationally competitive management consulting services. 
I have gained experience in the USA, Europe, UAE, India, Pakistan and more countries.

Intern. Marketing&Sales​

I have managed internationaly orientated companies and projects since 1992. Sustanibale growth, echange of experience, the development of networks and international sales structure are my operative success factors.

Waste management

Companies which I am related to are having years of experience in the disposal, collection and recycling of different types of waste. I have been working for more than 25 years in managing positions of various companies in the waste management industry. 


Customers are the source of real growth. My consulting services range from highly strategic market alignment work, to launching new product initiatives, to highly effective promotional execution. Backed by years of intl. experience I will take your ideas into account.


Knowledge and also Networking is Power, and I truly believe that the sharing of information, resources, and skills will help others to help themselves.
I know it won’t put me out of a job – there are always new problems and challenges.

We work with new customers and let their company grow.

If my client is satisfied I am happy.